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E+ Longboard


Our most durable longboard. The E+ Longboard is great for customers seeking a longer-lasting board, perfect for schools and rental outfits. One of the most popular rental boards in the world, as it will outlive conventionally built boards with ease.

Ability: Beginner – Expert
Bottom Contours: Single to double concave
Rails: Full
Ideal Wave Size: 1-6ft

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Product Description

Because of their size, great floatation and glide, Longboards make tiny 1-2 feet days much more fun and make great boards for all-year-round conditions.

The E+ longboards are considerably sturdier than other NSP constructions, ready to take the abuse from bigger waves, countless rides, bumpy transport and the occasional drop. Riders looking for a resilient longboard to improve their skills on are well-served with an E+ Longboard as well:

– The best selling longboard range in the world is refreshed for 2020 with a new graphic called “The Wave”.

– The best in versatile longboard performance, using technically advanced construction at extremely attractive retail prices.

– Great longboard. Ideal for swooping bottom turns, high trim lines and drop knee cutbacks.

– New sharper rails in the tail, modern performance rocker combined with mellow V bottom blended with a subtle double concave.

–  Shape updates make the E+ Longboard an easy board to trim on the wave and dynamic when riding off the tail.

E+ Technology

LengthWidth ThicknessVolume
8'0''222 ³/⁴56.9 L
8'6''22 ¹/⁴2 ⁷/⁸64.4 L
9'0''22 ³/⁴373.2 L
9'6''233 ¹/⁸82 L
10'0''23 ¹/²3 ¹/⁴92.3 L
11'0''25 ³/⁴4 ¹/¹⁶123.8 L